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Facials & Peels
European Facial Treatment- High quality products from the Institute Esthederm product line are customized for your skin's needs. The skin is cleansed,gently exfoliated,then balanced with a treatment serum that best suits your skin's needs. A relaxing facial and neck massage and arm and hand massage is included in this treatment also.
Appox. 1hr - $85
Balancing Facial- Perfect facial  treatment for elevated stress levels. This treatment combines all the benefits of a European Facial ,but focuses on calming and balancing the client by using relaxing facial massage techniques. This is done with a massage wand of high grade copper,aluminum and zinc. The combination of these metals works with the body's subtle electrical system,and helps to calm elevated levels of stress. You must feel it to believe it!
Approx. 1hr15min - $100
Life Lift Acupressure/Shiatsu Facial Treatment LLC- This facial treatment combines acupressure and shiatsu movements that help to tone and firm the skin. Trigger points in the face are manipulated to give the skin overall firmness and tone. This is also a very relaxing treatment,and provides all the facial benefits of a European Facial. A must for those who feel their skin is lacking tone.
Approx. 1hr30min - $148
Skin Brightening Treatment- This treatment focuses specifically on breaking up pockets of melanin in the skin,and working toward an overall brightness of the skin;along with the added bonus of all of the benefits of a European facial.
Approx. 1hr15min - $110
Blueberry Peel- Specific peel with the use of blueberry puree,blueberry wine,tartaic acid. This peel is high in Vitamin A and antioxidants. Skin will feel exfoliated and refreshed. 
Approx. 45mins - $99
Margarita Peel- Specific peel with the use of agave nectar,agave extract,lime oil and vitamin C. Skin will feel exfoliated and also more plumped to the touch.
Approx. 45mins - $120
Acai Berry Peel- Specific peel with the use Acai berry extract. This is a gentle yet strong peel that can be combined with a European Facial Treatment.
Approx. 1hr - $95
Express Facial-This facial treatment is a shortened version of a European facial.
Approx. 40 mins - $55
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Usui and Karuna Reiki - One hour energy healing session that promotes physical wellness, emotional balance and mental relaxation